The challenge

The online gambling industry has turned into a race to the bottom, marketing & offers becoming the only differentiator left in a crowded marketplace. Customers today have multiple accounts, following the best deals and latest marketing campaign with little or no brand loyalty.

  1. How do we create a new sports betting product that delivers a true USP into a crowded market?
  2. Create a bet type not possible anywhere else
  3. Create a sports bet that is not bound by the length of individual games

What we did

We facilitated a 10 week Innovation Studio for Betfair. Starting with iteration zero which through market research (internal and external), customer interviews and collaborative sketch sessions helped achieve our goals:

  1. Get employees to think like the customer
  2. To get everything out of employee’s heads and into the world

Through this we identified new opportunities, new customer behaviours and identified innovative and exciting customer propositions.

Betfair Diagram one

We then moved to step 2 of our process - problem solution fit - that validated the viability of these propositions with real customers. We had to prove that we were building something that customers actually want, not just what we think is a good idea.

Taking this process outside of the traditional Betfair environment and experiencing the customer interaction first hand we encouraged the client to think and act differently on how they can design for customer and how we can measure success.

Changed behaviours using customer centered product design and lean startup principles so Betfair were thinking like their customer and behaving like a start up

Step 3 of the process - product and market fit - focused on getting Betfair to act like a start up. We took the customer validated and prioritised concepts and working closely with Betfair’s product and data teams we rapidly produced working prototypes that were tested and iterated on a weekly basis. This tight feedback loop with customer and business rapidly increased our learnings, allowing us each week to make informed decisions on what concepts worked, what we needed to change and what we should drop.

What we were able to deliver was not only market validated product prototypes that we could take immediately into our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development programme, but we were able to reinforce our goal to change behaviour, by introducing a new approach to product development into Betfair. Moving Betfair away from traditional Product Description Document’s and Functional Specifications into a world of lean, customer lead product development - what we like to call Relevance at Speed.

Betfair Diagram 2
Betfair Diagram one

Executable ideas are the most important thing, it’s what turns ideas into products. Our approach ensures that we focus on the real, the tangible and the workable.

"The team at Reason are the perfect partner on any innovation endevour, their approach and enthusiasm opened our eyes to a new way of working, there were no #¢•€§¢• in the room"

~ Alex Deacon - International Product Director at Betfair

What we achieved

  1. Digital product taken from concept to customer validation in just 10 weeks
  2. Built a new consumer facing, revenue generating product for Betfair, validated with its existing customers
  3. Changed behaviours using customer centered product design and lean startup principles so Betfair were thinking like their customer and behaving like a start up

This project is still under wraps. To find out more, get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you more detail over coffee.

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