Our Approach

Reason worked with ICAP Equities to develop not just an application but a service capable of delivering the quality that the traders promised and clients expected.

To achieve this we worked closely with all the business teams to develop a holistic view of the entire system. By understanding how information flowed from one team to another we were able to expose existing bottlenecks and pain points of which the company were unaware. By looking at each of the pain points we could identify which were process driven and which could be answered with technology.

Through many design sessions involving the entire product team from design to development, we worked through rapid high level iterations before deep diving into more detailed solutions, constantly testing the proposition with the business and users.

ICAP Sketches


While user centred design projects with access to the target audience may have become more common place, when we started this project it was not the usual way to run a project, especially within large financial institutions.

With access to traders, analysts and the research team we opened the design process up to the core users. This allowed us to gain unparalleled qualitative insight and foster a sense of ownership of the new system with it's users. With a rapid release schedule we not only continually refined the system's utility, but developed a sense of excitement around each release as users were able to see their solutions integrated. The product was now theirs, something they contributed to and in turn would benefit from.

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