The challenge

There is no such thing as an average airline passenger. With such a diverse range of users, all at varying levels of technical ability, how do you create a digital product that will be easy and intuitive for them all to use, but which still allows airlines the level of security required to distribute exclusive content across individual iPads?

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Solid State Visuals

What we did

Working collaboratively with the Solid State team, we designed and developed a native iOS app, creating one of the industry’s most innovative inflight entertainment solutions. Including a highly secure CMS to protect pre-release blockbusters and TV shows, while maintaining an ultra-fast viewing experience, we were able to help Solid State deliver a white label digital solution that passengers also love.

What we achieved

While an iPad app offered a simple, elegant entertainment solution for all passengers, a sophisticated desktop component offered airlines a completely secure CMS to create & encrypt media packs, as well as providing the ability to roll out new versions of the app and its content across multiple devices, simultaneously and automatically.

As a result our technology has been swiftly adopted by several airlines, allowing travellers to enjoy the experience they have come to expect from their own devices – even at 35,000 feet!

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