The challenge

Social media and microblogging services have fundamentally changed the way daily news is consumed. News International wanted innovative ways to deliver breaking stories to a mobile-first audience that better reflected these new digital behaviours, but never compromised on editorial integrity. We needed to develop a way to provide breaking news to Millennials simply and efficiently, and in formats that this new generation of users wanted to consume.

Vanilla App Screen

What we did

By realising that our target audience were primarily interested in the story – not articles or news outlets, we were able to radically simplify the publishing process. By leveraging News International’s traditional news gathering expertise, we were able to add cues from social media to create a truly mobile-first news delivery service - satisfying multiple, daily interactions with push  notifications to ensure users are kept abreast of all the latest developments - as they happen.

Vanilla App Screen

Key points, allow users to quickly recap on developments of stories that have been running for a while, or have lots of happenings.

Curation of social content allows editors to rapidly give insight into a story.

Location information allows users to quickly get context into where things are happening.

What we achieved

By reshaping the way users interact with news content, we were able to develop a product that focussed on simply providing facts to a time poor audience motivated by instant gratification. Empowering Millennials to make up their own minds allowed us to engage with an audience that increasingly trust social media above traditional news outlets and prefer their own opinion to those of the newscasters.

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